An Interview with Ryan M. Andrews, Director of Save Yourself


Your upcoming film Save Yourself – in a few words, what is it about?

It’s five women on a road trip that end up crossing paths with a mad scientist and, well, bad things happen.

Regarding Save Yourself is about a group of people travelling to a film festival to present their movie – any of it based on your personal experiences or anecdotes you’ve heard?

I’ve never crossed paths with a mad scientist, but the original idea for this film came during a 20 hour road trip from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA. Somewhere in the midwest we were stopped at a rest area in the middle of the night and it was pretty creepy. So I just started brain storming right there and the story was born. The remainder of the drive was spent bouncing ideas back and forth with Chris Cull, who I also wrote SICK with.

(Other) sources of inspiration when writing Save Yourself? And what can you tell us about your co-writers and the writing process?

My inspiration, for the most part, really just came from that trip. It was the perfect combination of everything to create this idea. I was inspired by the look of the States we were driving through, the condition of the I 70 and I 44 highways, the places we stopped at, the music, the food, I was just inspired by everything around me. There were actually a couple of women, from Oklahoma and Texas, that were at the festival and they inspired some of the characters too. The different dynamics of the main women. If that trip didn’t happen exactly how it happened Save Yourself might have never happened. [more…]

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