An Interview with Tianna Nori, Star of Save Yourself, Clean Break and The Demolisher


Your upcoming film Save Yourself – in a few words, what is it about, and what can you tell us about your character in it?

Save Yourself is about 5 strong woman in the film industry on a road trip to LA to premier their horror movie at film festival. Along the way Crystal goes missing and they are faced with a mad scientist. They are having a blast until every woman’s worst nightmare becomes a reality. The character I play is Sasha. She is an edgy but chill fun rocker chic, who just wants to have a good time. She has a past of struggle and pain and found her way through rock music to become who she is today. However like any human in a horrific situation, she must turn on her survival instincts when survival is the only option.

What did you draw upon to bring your character to life?

To bring Sasha to life, I worked closely with director Ryan Andrews [Ryan M. Andrews interview – click here] to make sure we had the same vision on what we would create for the role. He gave me a list of music to listen to from the Butcher Babies to Taylor Momsen and then I couldn’t help but throw Rob Zombie into the mix. As Sasha was a rocker chic, I also had to create how she would talk, walk, react, move, etc. As the character is very different from my own personality, I practiced method acting for this role and embodied Sasha 2-3 weeks prior to shooting and stayed in character until we wrapped principle photography. [more…]

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