Phoenix Film Festival – ‘The Sublet’ Review

“Beautifully shot and superbly acted, The Sublet unfortunately suffers from unoriginality and predictability.

There have been so many horror movies recently that revolve around a young couple, usually with a child, who move into a new place only to find that it affects the lady in the relationship severely, leading us to wonder if something supernatural is going on or whether she’s just crazy. Some are great, like House of Good and Evil, while others fall short like last year’s competition feature, The House on Pine Street. Still more only veer away from this model a little, like fellow showcase feature, Under the Shadow or the film it most closely resembles, The Babadook.

However well it’s made (and it’s made very well indeed), The Sublet adds nothing to this collection of films. It was clear from ten or fifteen minutes in where it was going to go and how it was going to end up. I was hoping for some sort of twist that I wouldn’t see coming but it never arrived.

While the cinematography, editing and score are all worthy of note, it’s lead actress Tianna Nori who shines the brightest. She runs through a whole slew of emotions as the film drags her through the wringer, from tired through angry to lost and eventually various degrees of crazy. She’s relatively new but her credits are building and she’s going to have an excellent future.” – Apocalypse Later now: Hal C F Astell

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