“Tianna Nori shines in her role of Joanna…” – Dread Central review ‘The Sublet’

‘A little bit haunted house, a little bit post-partum, and a whole lotta creepy add up to a genuinely fun watch in John Ainslie’s spooky space-for-rent The Sublet.

Now, upon first glance, you’d think that this would have all the bells and whistles of your standard fare haunted-house flick, and all things considered, it does. Yet, Ainslie opts to ramp up the tension with a full-frontal glare at the inner workings of a depressed new mom and how those intense psyche-rattlers can wreak havoc upon the mind’s most delicate fringes.

Tianna Nori shines in her role of Joanna…[READ MORE]

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